Vehicle Fumigation

One-stop Pest Solution for vehicle

AEROHUB Pest Control now provides you with vehicle fumigation in Singapore, safely eliminate pests inside your vehicle!

Clean Ride with Aerohub Vehicle Fumigation

Aerohub Pest Control is one-stop solution for your Pest Control needs, from houses, HDBs, Commercial Buildings, Vessels, and now we also provide you with vehicle pest control. Our NEA Approved method of vehicle fumigation service gives the satisfying yet enjoyable ride without having to worry about pests residing in your vehicle.

Having your vehicle manifests with pests such as cockroaches, flies, or ants can be troublesome, because all the sensitive parts of the vehicle, with all the small spaces and narrow sides, in which, most of all pests would infest and breed, makes it even harder to inspect and clean.

Aerohub Pest Control will help you handling this problem in a more safer and efficient way. Just contact us and we will reply you back the soonest.

Our Vehicle Fumigation


Eliminate the pests that are infested inside your vehicle. Our method will ensure that all insect pests that are residing inside are eliminated, even those hard-to-reach areas inside your vehicle.


Our water based fumigator will generate smoke which has no foul smell and low-toxicity to human. We ensure our method is safe for our customers especially families with young children.

No Mess

Our NEA approved method is safe and leaves no stains, residues or smell to the vehicle.

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