Aerohub Pest Control Singapore was approached to help a Japanese vessel to eradicate their Cockroaches infestation in their kitchen and the cabins. The vessel is not docking in Singapore and our pest control work has to be done during their re-fueling in the open sea near Singapore.

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Nearing mid-night, our technicians first have to board a small launch-craft to reach the vessel in the open sea. As fate plays out, the weather suddenly turns bad during the boarding of the bunker ship that is stationed next to the vessel. Kudos to our brave technicians to be able to hold on to their balance, climbed the monkey ladder amid the big waves, wind and heavy rain, and carry their equipment all at the same time!

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They finally boarded the vessel in the wee hours of the night and pest control work finally gets on the way. The infestation was quite bad and the poor seamen had to endure living with the cockroaches for months on the sea. The cockroaches were found under their beds, workstations, dining halls and kitchens. Ultra low volume spraying and Misting was done to eradicate the cockroaches.

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We are very please to be able to get rid of this nasty problem for the seamen and let them live in a hygienic living condition. It is never easy for the seamen, who are away from their home and loved ones for months and facing tough physical work in a hazardous environment. Once again, we are so glad to be able help them and see the joy and smiles on their face when we left the vessel.

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