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Get to know our pest control team located in Singapore. We are a team consist of professionals and experts in pest control and extermination.

Aerohub Pest Control Singapore

AEROHUB is a Pest Control specialist in Singapore, Our pest control company has established for many years, helping many customers; from families to corporate organizations, to eradicate most of their pest infestation.

Our pest control team consist of experience technicians certified by National Environmental Agency (NEA) and all our chemical treatments are also approved by NEA.

In AEROHUB we provide an affordable and reasonable price for pest control management. Our team has many years of experience in pest control problem ranging from residential, commercial and industrial sectors.

No pest issue is too small or too out of control for us to handle. With our latest technology and our passion, Aerohub Pest Control Singapore is committed to provide a dedicated and professional pest control services in Singapore and strive to be the standard bearer for this industry.

Like our slogan, your worries is our ultimate concern! Call Aerohub Pest Control Singapore today to keep your pests issues under control!

Why Choose Us

Affordable and Reasonable Pricing

Without compromising quality, our pest control service makes our company worth considering for. We take pride in offering affordable and reasonable pricing and offers our highest level of service. You can expect the best service at our reasonable price. No Worries!

Guaranteed Results

Our professional team and our in-house Entomologist have over 20 years of combined experience in the pest control industry. We always put in 100% effort in our pest control programme  we provide, and making sure that every pest problem is eliminated and solved. At the same time, we continue to strive to improve ourselves by equipping ourselves with new technologies.


Fast Response

Our Emergency Response Team will support your pest emergency. Contacts us via telephone 6250 2929 Or via whatapps after office hours via 8170 2929 / 8778 2929 and our support staff will be there for your assistance. Also Our rodent program encompass clearance within 24-hours if discovered by customers and within 2-hours should emergency occurs. Terms & conditions applies.

Specially Formulated Strategies

Our experienced in-house Entomologist has devised specially formulated strategies to eradicate your pest problem. From treatments, fogging, chemical treatments, to spraying. We dedicate ourselves at every process of our service. Careful Inspection, detailed report, and monitoring section has become our mandatory steps on every pest control and management program.

Contact Aerohub Pest Control Singapore

ARK @ Gambas, No.7 Gambas Crescent #03-25, Singapore 757087

Pest Control Singapore Whatsapp 8170 2929

Pest Control Singapore Telephone 6250 2929

pest_control_singapore_email enquiry@aerohubpest.com.sg

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