Pest Management Program

AEROHUB Pest Management Program is one of our most popular and trusted solutions used by many commercial and residential projects.

Why Are We Preferred?

Over 30 years of experience & expertise

In-housed Entomologist 

Safe, Efficient, Proffesional

Bizsafe 3 Certified, BCA Registered, NEA Certified


Quality Control Checks

Frequent quality control checks will be conducted by a supervisor to ensure the pest management job is performed with quality and optimal satisfaction.

Service Warranty

If the specific service indicated in the service guarantee form is not duly performed by AEROHUB Pest Control, we will offer a rebate of up to 100%. Terms & Conditions Apply.

Service Report

Our team of technicians will provide a service report after each inspection or treatment. The report comprises information pertaining to the stated-above pest activities and status of infestation. The service report will be emailed to the person in charge.

Your Ultimate Values

Ultimately, these investments translate to delivering greater values to you:

  • Peace of mind: Your pest control needs are in good hands.
  • Protection: Comprehensive and adequate protection.
  • Hassle and worry-free
  • No need to worry and stress about pest problems.
  • Carry on business with a peace of mind.
  • Cost savings
  • No more repair or replacement resulted from damages by pest.
  • Prolong the longevity of your property.
  • Safety and Security
  • Reduce the risks of short circuits or fire by rodents.

Your Investments

Your total investment for the proposed programme encompasses the following:

  • Inspection for signs of above stated pest infestations in and around the premises.
  • Installation of bait stations and monitoring stations around the premises.
  • Residual spraying will be done around high risk areas. E.g. drains.
  • Weekly inspection and monitoring of stations
  • Fogging will be done around the perimeter of the premises.

Assurance From Us

No worries, we make sure every service is the best ones with:

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