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Aerohub Pest Control identify the signs of termite infestations and do the necessary treatments to eliminate the pest.

Termites are social insects that feed on cellulose found in wood or paper products and are considered one of the world’s most destructive wood damaging pest. Their nest are normally built in the soil, underground below buildings and structures.

The Queen rest in the chamber permanently and can lay up to several thousand eggs per day, growing the colony size at remarkable speed. The Worker termites travel in mud tunnels/ tracks whenever they search for food while the Soldiers protect the colony from other predators.

Whenever the colony senses danger, reproductives are formed in search for a new place to build a new nest. That is why once discover termites, leave them alone and call in the specialists.Generally, termites enter houses and buildings through the hairline cracks found within the structure walls.


Why are they so feared by home owners?

  • Based on their rapid reproduction and feeding behavior, they can cause a lot of damage to the wooden structure or furnishings in the house without anyone realizing it.
  • Most of the time when home owners detect their presence, severe and irreversible damage has already been done. Most common places these termites like to attack are the wooden skirting, built-in wardrobe, kitchen cabinets, roof structures and basically anything that is made of wood.
  • They can also bite electrical cables on exploratory basis causing expensive repairs.

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