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AEROHUB Pest Control helps you to bird proofing your house or building!

Aerohub Bird Proofing

Aerohub Pest Control can help you bird proof your house and building. We believes that a good bird deterrent system can help building owners prevent birds from perching at their building in a humane and safe way.

We have a variety of ways to bird proofing, we prevent bird from perching and settling at your area. From rite spikes, repellent gel to netting system, our solution has proven to be effective, safe, long-lasting and owners will no longer have to worry about birds causing unpleasant sight, sound and smell at their premises.

Benefits of bird proofing

  • Prolong the aesthetic outlook of their premises without the unsightly excrement from birds.
  • Reduce the chance of disease-spreading from the toxic excrement from birds.
  • Reduction in cost of maintenance as building owners no longer require extra cleaning services.
  • Create a safer environment as bird excrement and nest is a breeding ground for bacteria and other pests.
  • Eliminate the unsightly hordes of birds settling at your premises,
  • Greatly reduce noise pollution caused by the birds
  • It will also helps you to eliminate the unpleasant odor caused by their excrement.
Our Method of Bird Proofing

Rite Spikes

Also known as anti-roosting spikes, this device is very effective to prevent roosting many types of birds, its durability and easy to install makes us love this device.

Netting System

This netting system is to help us in protecting certain areas in your building effectively. This old but proven system we always use for bird proofing.

Repellent Gel

We use the repellent gel as another method of ours because its repels most of the bird to perch in your building, it does not harm the birds but it makes them uncomfortable and not pleasing to birds.

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