What are ants?

Just like typical insects, ant are small arthropod animals that are easily distinguished by their head, thorax, abdomen and antennae. Ants are social insects which live in colonies. The queen ant is the largest ant in the colony and the sole purpose of the queen’s existence is to reproduce. The queen ant can lay up to millions of eggs in her lifetime! The male ants too have just one main purpose, which is to mate with the queen. They usually die a few days after mating. Pretty cruel right? And guess what? The worker ants are females! Their main responsibilities are scavenging for food, nursing eggs and larvae, build the nest and protect the colony. Talk about girl power right!


How do ant infestations start?

The reason is simple. Food sources. Ants are attracted to a variety of foods. Any food debris or leftover exposed food can be an opportunity for ants to infiltrate your home. Unhygienic habits may also lead to ant infestations. So, do ensure that there are no such opportunities in your home!

Fact time!

Did you know that there is a species of ant called the Singapore ant? It’s true! The scientific name is Trichomyrmex Destructor, but it is commonly known as the Destructive Trailing ant or the Singapore ant. Cool right?

So how do Aerohub Pest Control deal with such pesky pests?

Our team of professional technicians will first conduct a detailed inspection to identify any signs of breeding and any cracks and crevices that ants might be hiding. After inspection, our technicians will carry out treatment by using residual spraying, gelling as well as baiting for preventive and monitoring purposes.

The video shows a colony of ants surrounding a transparent glue-like substance, right? Well that is ant gel! Ant gel is a type of bait that we use to slowly eliminate ants. Now, majority of us would probably prefer a spraying chemical that eliminates ants quicker right? The truth is, it is a good thing so eradicate them slowly. By using ant gel, the ants will feed on it and bring it back to their nest, where the queen ant is. Once the bait is spread to the colony, it will eventually wipe out the entire colony. Slow, but effective yeah!

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