Pests have always been around us, they might disturbing your life when they come and infesting your house and disturbing your life. So, it is a good gesture when you try to eliminate the pest by yourself. When you only detect a small infestation in a small spot inside your house, its better if you try to get rid of them fast, by this way you can cut the cost by purchasing pest control products from your local convenient store. But if you have a large infestations around your house, you might want to consider calling a pest control in Singapore.


Using recent technology and research, many pest control products you see over the counter have improved when it comes to quality and efficiency. Although, these products may not be as effective as professionals use, many pest control companies recommend these products as your DIY pest control solution. Thus, in this article, we will give you some tips on how to selectively choosing the best pest control product:


Identify your enemy

Its essential that you know that kind of insects you are targeting. You can’t just purchase a mosquito net to capture rodents inside your house. Be sure to identify what is your enemy is before purchasing any pest control products and purchase only the product that target specifically for that insect.


How big is it?

After you identify the insect, find products that can cover the infestation range that you targeted. For example, if your infestation problem is large, you might want to purchase a pest control products that can be sprayed over the houses.


Is it safe?

Before you purchase any products, its better to research more on the chemicals contained in the pest control products that you want. Check for any chemicals that can eliminate the pest effectively, but do not contain any danger substance that might not be safe for children or pets. Do check for any family members if they have any certain allergy on some materials.


Not all High Technology works

If you have flies, mosquitoes or ants, chances are you might want to consider looking for products that can emit ultrasonic sound, which some insects do not like. Do remember that these ultrasonic sound will lose its effectiveness outside the room, because it does not work through walls and doors. Do research if they use toxins of different kind of fragrance that pest hate to keep them off bay?


Last but not least, choose the product that scientifically proven. Do more research about pest control products, because it can determine the effectiveness of getting rid of the infestations and you do need to consider on how safe it is to the environment or family.

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