Pest and bugs are some nasty creatures that could potentially destroying your life. They can cause health problems, destroying your properties, and can be a great annoyance in your daily life. Additionally, they are great survivors and able to reproduce really fast, so its hard for us to exterminate them. All we can do is to preventing them from coming into our house and there are several devices that can help you with your pest problem.


The pest control devices comes in many sizes and shapes and you might confuse on what to pick for your home and there this price considerations too! To help you decide, you have to understand first on what pest problem you are facing right now and how much you are willing to clean up and collect all those pesky pests with your hand. Because some of these devices requires you to clean with a hands-on contact with the creatures. These devices are:


Ultrasonic Emitter Device

Nocturnal animals such as raccoons and opossums may be visiting your house in the night time. They can wreak havoc in your lanyard eating flowers and your plants. Additionally when they are going inside your house, they may be stealing your food and other stuffs too. These devices emit a noise that can drive these animals away because it makes them uncomfortable. These sounds can not be heard by humans so its perfectly safe.


Glue Traps

These devices consist of plain board with super sticky glue at the top of it. This glue, is vegetable substance so the rats and cockroaches attracted to it and fall into the traps. When they stumble into the traps they are unable to escape and they will die because of the starvation. This requires you to pick up the dead mouse or rats and change it to a new one.


Barrier & Mosquito Traps

Best prevention for smaller pests is to close shut all the holes, keep the doors closed, and patch all the cracks and cervices around your house. Another thing, is to install the mosquito screens and mosquitoes traps such as Springstar. This will attract entire population of mosquitoes only and not other bugs that are beneficial for your environment.


Water Sprinkles

If you have gardens and you might think that those squirrels, birds and other predators are disturbing, having a water sprinkles with motion detector can be a good solution. The water will distract them and making them uncomfortable.  This will also help you to water the plants as well.


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