Good cockroach control requires more strategy since cockroaches are highly adaptable to environmental alterations. Simple insecticides do no harm to them. On a daily basis, we might have done some short-term action to get rid of cockroaches such as: using insecticide, making homemade traps, use boric acid in cockroaches’ prone area or other simple actions.


However, cockroaches’ reproduction is at an all-time high and stomping a few of them will not solve your infestation problem. An immediate action should be taken when facing a cockroach’s invasion because they will likely expand with no remorse. But by proactively practicing proper pest control methods, we can keep cockroaches away from our homes.


Here are few tips for practicing proper pest control methods:

  • Commit roach genocide with a ‘bomb’ pesticide.  These products should be used only in areas that are quarantined off from human contact because they contain a very strong, chemical pesticide that can eliminate a whole room of roaches and eggs. But beware of its after effect, you have to stay out of the room for a while to avoid yourself to inhale the pesticide, as may harm yourself.
  • Use electronic emitters that exude a very high frequency noise that reflects cockroaches. This is very useful, as they will not disturb our life, most of us did not notice about electronic emitters, but you have to turn it on every time, which might take some of your electricity bill.
  • Put on sticky traps. These powerful adhesive traps render cockroaches paralyzed, ensuring a fateful death.


These solutions will help homeowners successful at exterminating cockroaches by being proactive with their cockroach pest control methods. If you still encounter these cockroaches problem, it is strongly suggest that you consult to the pest control professional, they might be able to solve your problem.

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