If you see a lot of ants in your house, most probably you have met with the flying ants. Ants itself already an annoyance, and flying ants is much more annoying. Obviously, they can fly and usually have a large jaw and painful enough to sting you. If you had an ants pest control problem, you will know how hard it is to get rid of flying ants. Before we delve deep into tips and tricks to get rid of flying ants, we need get to know more about our enemies closer, that is about flying ants, their behavior and life cycle.


First thing you need to understand is their body structure, Most of the ants and flying ants have differentiation between each of the body parts, here are the names from the top head to the bottom: The Antennae, The head, the Thorax and the Tail also most commonly known as abdomen. Their three sets of leg are attached in their thorax and they have a long antennae that bend to specific angle. Usually, its hard for normal people to differentiate between flying ants and flying termites. As for the flying termites, usually they only have two sections: the Head and the Body. Their legs are attached in their body, and they have a short antennae attached at the front of their head.


Now for the tricks to get rid of flying ants. The best and most effective method is to smack them using any objects that you find fit. This method will work on number of ants on sights, if you only saw several of them flying about around your house. They generally not good at flying so getting rid of them by smacking is quite easy. Well the big problem is when you see a lot of them, a colony perhaps, that is raiding inside your house, you would not want to get near them and smack them. You need a better solution.


Another trick to help you eradicate flying ants is to use a water spray solution. There are a plenty of spray out there, from insect killer spray which you can purchase it in most supermarket and convenient store, or you can try to create it by yourself by using a mixture of soap and a water. This will help you to get rid of them. Another and much more organic way is to have a turmeric powder sprinkled around the infestation area. This turmeric is a natural antiseptic agent that can help you with eliminating most of the flying ants and make sure they will never going back again.


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