Cockroaches are a truly magnificent insects, they can survive in the most hostile environments, highly adapt to any new place, able to survive without food and water. Thus, in order to truly eradicate cockroaches, you have to take a thorough and complete approach and if possible, without using any poison. They can cause many diseases and many other risks if you keep them inside your house. You can found them most where there are foods, so kitchen will be the most likely place.


The first action usually people tend to do is to purchase many different kinds of poison to eliminate the cockroach infestation and see what method will actually works. From bug-bombs, cockroach traps, baits, sprays and may other methods. Well, although it works sometimes, but the problems will rise if you keep using the same poison every time. The first problem is, the poison may not be good for your well-being, you could accidentally eat it, inhale it and may cause serious problem to your health. Another problem, is the roaches can breed so fast that they can adapt to the poison and become immune to the poison, making it harder to eradicate. They are smart insects, when you apply same poison in the same place, they will leave the place for a while and will come back when you stop the treatments.


Do preventive action rather than corrective. You have to act fast before the big infestation coming in. Detect the source and eliminate immediately. The first thing you need to do is to seal off cervices, cracks, and holes which is the access way inside your house. From you kitchen, you have to check every corner and pay attention to any holes, dark spaces, pipes and drains, inspect kitchen cabinets and the back of it to see if there is any sign of cockroaches.


Second prevention method is to clean your house regularly and quickly throw away leftover foods and drinks in a sealed trash bag before throwing it into the bin. Once you have them sealed and cleaned, you need to install several cockroach traps along the walls. Monitor them regularly and eliminate every single cockroach that you see.


If you are having a mass infestation of cockroaches inside your house its best not to deal them with yourself. Pest control professionals have several effective methods that can help you eradicate them and keeping them off bay. They also provide many safe methods that may not endangered your health. Aerohub Pest Control Singapore is the pest control provider that can help you with any pest problem. Contact Us for more details.

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