Termite control is important for any home or property you owned, and when your property was built using a lot of wood materials as its structure, it has become a mandatory maintenance action because these insects will eat any materials and structures made from wood. The reason why they can be dangerous is that the termites may be very difficult to detect without a thorough inspection from a pest control professional. The damages termites created could be fatal and may destroy your whole property, that is why the professionals uses a different types of chemicals in order to eliminate them.


Termite control is essential when it comes to preventing the damage to any wooden materials properties that you owned. Thus all you need is to detect all those signs that termite might be present. For example, you may be noticing the walls starts to crumbling with a trace of woods and dirt on the floor, wooden floors start to bow and hollow in several spots, if you saw these symptoms chances are your house infested with termites.


In several cases, there are no signals that termites might be infesting your house or property, because they eat the woods from the inside out, entering the house from the bottom and inside going through outside of your furniture, walls, and ceilings. When your furniture or floors have the woods, soils and water moisture in it, the termites will eat those. Once you have detected a termite infestations, you need to exterminate it immediately. Although there are repellents out there in the market, its very hard to apply those properly by yourself and it might be not as strong as the chemicals used by the professional pest control.


Professional termite control companies uses two types of chemicals to get rid of termites. The first chemical is used to exterminating the termites and its nests, the chemicals known to kill the termites instantly and it has the odorless property which they will not know and unable to detect. The chemicals was poured onto the woods, so when they consume the wood, the chemical gets eaten as well, a definite death for them. The second chemicals is a repellent, which those pesky pests can literally sense and smell it and they dislike and tries to avoid it completely.


The price of exterminating the termites can be vary and it depends more on the size of the colonies and the damage that is already dealt which in this case the area of your house that is affected by the termites. The more structures and furniture has been affected, the more cost you have to spend on repairing them. The cost also varies on the time spend when the professionals eliminating the bugs and the chemicals used for exterminating. Once it has been repaired, you need to do the prevention measures. Aerohub Pest Control Singapore specializes in termite controls! Contact us for more information.

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