Spiders can be an annoyance. While some are not venomous, but there are some that venomous and highly aggressive. that Controlling spiders is not an easy job, there is no perfect way to preventing them from coming over to your house. Spraying with chemicals is not a effective way to eliminate them because they are not biologically receptive and good dealing with pesticides. Thus, requiring you to do other way around to get rid of them. So here are a few tips and tricks to handle spiders around your house:


Knowledge is Power

They say its best to know your enemies and fortunately this is applicable to handling the spiders. So first you need to know that spiders are just like any other predators; most of their diet and food are from other insects. So all we have to do is to cut off their food supplies inside and outside our house and in order to do that, you have to reduce the number of insects or eliminate other insects, spiders will less likely to come around, because they can not find what they are looking for.


The next thing you should consider is where they usually catch their preys. Most of the spiders uses web to catch their prey, and insects are by instinct move towards something bright, like a light. So the spiders usually create their web around the light source, so they easily catch their food. Although not all of the spiders create web. There are spiders who chase their target or jump around to catch their prey. These are called hunting spiders and you should recognize it once you seen it.



Use Non Chemical

You can often see spiders with their newly laid eggs in the center of its web. To get rid of spiders and preventing them from breeding, you do not need a spray or pesticide, simply just picked it up and remove it with your hands using protective gloves or just a tissue. If you too scared to use your hand, you can use a vacuum cleaner to do that. After, removing the nest, you can place sticky traps on all corners and sides to prevent them from creating the webs and capturing the moving spiders, these sticky traps are available on most home or department stores.


These sticky traps or glue traps can capture them and they will die incapable of moving. The most effective place to put these traps are in the dark and damp place, black surface area and quiet areas. These glue traps also can give you some hint on where the infestation come, for example, if the spiders that are caught are mostly on the right hand side of the traps, you can back trace their path and examine through cracks and cervices for an opening.


Try to reduce the number of flies, bugs, and mosquitoes around your house will make a huge difference to preventing spiders from coming around your house, we Aerohub Pest Control Singapore, is a professional pest control company specializing in eliminating bugs and insects inside your house. Contact us for more information.



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