There are so many pest control here in Singapore, and most of them can help you to get rid some of the scariest pest you can imagine: from snakes, bees/wasps, rats, even other insects such as centipede or spiders. But what if those pests are not the one that bother you the most? Truth be told, that those mentioned pests are indeed scariest, but actually not the most threatening to your lovely home. Based on our experience, here are the three common pests that you should never take lightly of:



If you see, a black small insect that is capable of running extremely fast and can fly with such agility, you probably encountered a cockroach. Although they are not deadly when you get in contact with them, its the disease that they spread that may cause you some problems. The first reason why is they carried a lot of bacteria, and their huge attraction on food makes it easier to spread to humans. For some people with allergies and asthma, cockroaches can be a serious problem as they might trigger some reactions to them. If you see any sign of cockroach inside your house, quickly call pest management control for cockroaches.


House Flies.

Another dangerous pest that you should consider. A lot of pest controls still considered this as the bigger problem than other pest. They pose more threat to humans than cockroaches, because they can spread many diseases to many medium, such as us, or your dogs, cats, and cows (basically mammals). These diseases are tuberculosis, diarrhea, typhoid, and fever. Much more bacterial infections can be also carried out by houseflies, and if you did not clean your garbage and leftover, more infestations will emerge including maggots. We strongly suggest that you contact local pest control if you feel like houseflies getting out of your hand around your house.



Mosquitoes is become one of the deadliest insect and pest that can infest around your residential area, and this pest has become the top pest in our list that you should be aware of. With just a single bite, they can transmit a lot of deadly diseases such as malaria, fever, encephalitis, and a lot of viruses. their saliva can get into your bloodstream through their bite. They can breed easily on still waters, so you need to clean around your places, and dry up your area, avoid keeping still waters for such a long time.

If you having difficulties on getting rid of cockroaches, files, or mosquitoes, let Aerohub Pest Control team knows and do contact us! We will be more than glad to help you!

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