Did you know that in order to have your home or your environment pest free you have to do two major process. Those processes are extermination or prevention and maintenance. That is why most of the pest control in Singapore offers these two major services. By means of prevention, it does not mean you have to have your home pest free first to do the prevention, but exterminating the pests that lurking around your home and environment is also a step to preventing an infestation.


The definition of pest control is very broad and can be confusing, but the term ‘control’ here is to manage the number of pest that is already infesting your property or will wreak havoc on your home. When its already inside your house, its hard to deal with these irritating creatures, it can also be time consuming and difficult if you have already exterminate those pests but they still coming back and it getting even worse. You definitely want to live your life happily without having to think about those pests so its important that you need to know how to combat them successfully.


The first step for pest control solutions is prevention. Good pest prevention will definitely lead you to successful extermination. The initial step that you need to do is to eliminate those places or spots that could be a breeding grounds for them, you have to think about any other aspects that might lead to inviting these unwanted guests. By cutting off their breeding cycle, it will greatly helps you to reduce the chance of infestations. Garbage cans, unused boxes, and uncleaned pool, can be the places for rats, mosquitoes, and flies.


While its almost impossible to get rid of the garbage cans, what you can do is to limit the access of those cans by tightly shut the cover after you opened it. Seal and tie the garbage plastic bag when its already full. When rodents can smell the food inside the garbage plastic bag, they can rip open the plastic and ruin the whole thing, so make sure you dispose the the plastic bag farther away from your house and throw it in the proper designated place. Another great measure to help you prevent infestations is to keep your house clean while checking on every cracks, clear every still waters, and cut off your lawn regularly, will help you to reduce your chance for being infested by pests.


When preventing fails, its good that you consider tools that specifically help you to control the pest, those tools such as organic pest control, live trap or chemical methods. For example, rats and rodents can be exterminated using live trap and rat poison. While some other bugs, can get rid of by using chemical spray which is a quick solutions to these problems.


Keep in mind that most of your pest problem will occur again if you do not proactive to keep and maintain a healthy and clean environment, If you cannot handle this problem by yourself, its good if you consult to your local pest control Singapore management.

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