Rodents are one of the most fast breeding mammals in the world, a single female mouse can produce around 30-35 babies per year. Imagine a colony of mouse that has a minimum of 10 females, they can reproduce on a rapid scale. Without proper control, these rodents can cause serious damage to your house and also may cause several health problems to you and your family. Here are different tips on how to prevent these rodents coming into your house.


Rodents tend to search for dry, isolated, and warm place inside your house. Their flexibility enables them to move in small places and tunnels underneath your walls. So you have to make sure that every possible entrance that could be the potential rodents to enter. So this is a challenge for you to make your house impenetrable and as tight as ever. Start by covering up unused holes, walk around your house and check for any holes made by them also important. Check the foundation of your house for any small holes and close them with caulk. If you are a pet lover, keeping a cat or a dog can help you to monitor any rodents that is to your house.


Rat traps and poisons are another effective way to solve this pest issue. If you are aware that some rodents already infesting your house, putting several traps and poisons around your house where they could potentially be. But the most important thing is to keep your house and around your house clean and tidy. By paying attention to your surroundings, keeping your grass trimmed, clean away any food and trash regularly, and shut the trash can and plastic bags tightly. They can cause serious health problems and spread the disease through biting and their feces or droppings. Try to keep your food safe and shut, while throw away any leftover from your food safely shut to prevent them to eating it after.


If you have this rodent pest problem, and any traps wont work, consider calling the pest control professional service. As professional pest control knows the strategy well to eradicate the rodents as well as preventing them to coming back to your house.



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