Have you ever wondered why rats/rodents are considered as pests? ??

1. Disease carriers. Rodents are known to carry certain disease and some are known to affect human health!

2. All rodents feed on possibly anything that us humans eat, they may also contaminate our food sources with their urine and feces.

3. Last but not least, they can cause damage in our homes! Rodents typically have two sharp front teeth that are constantly growing, which means that they have to chew or gnaw at things to prevent them from growing too long, this will lead to damage of supplies around your home!

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So how do Aerohub Pest Control deal with Rodents?

Our team of professional technicians will first conduct a detailed inspection to identify any signs of activities. That will include gnawing marks, leftover damages, rodents hair and body marks. After inspection, our technicians will carry out entrapment with glueboards and rodent cages. Placement of these entrapments requires experiences and knowledge to achieve effectiveness.

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