Importance of pest control in ships and port areas


It is very critical to embark on pest control in areas around ports as the possibility of spread of pest-borne deceases is very high. Highly damp conditions and spilled food crumps from unfinished food containers are the main reasons for pests thrive in areas near the sea-shores.


Rats are one pest that is able to survive on long and distant journeys on ships. When ships dock in harbours, the rats jump off them and swim to nearby shores. Other than mosquitoes, rats are the carriers of most diseases that can be easily passed onto human beings. Rats spread diseases such as the Plague, Leptospirosis (Weil’s disease) and Salmonella (one of causes of food poisoning).  Rodent controls on board  sea vessels and within premises of ports play an important role in preventing the spread of rat-borne disease from foreign lands. In addition to being a major cause of diseases, rats also cause significant damage to food cargoes on board ships and around port areas.


Cockroaches are another major concern for merchants. The presence of many small and hard to access crevices as well as poor hygiene conditions on ships can lead to healthy populations of cockroaches. Cockroaches spread virus and bacteria which causes medical issues such as food poisoning and other viral infections.


Hence, the eradication of pests is imperative to maintaining positive public health on board ships and around ports.

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