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Aerohub Pest Control Battles Against the Mosquitoes!

All the recent news about ZIKA virus and the consequences that it brings about, especially microcephaly has made a lot of Singaporean stood up to attention and start to wage a war against this dreadful airborne vector. AEROHUB Pest Control has also joined in the fight and has been helping a lot of property owners to protect their premise against mosquitoes infestation.

Mosquitoes repellents, patches and all kinds of mosquitoes defense chemical/solutions have been flying off the shelves in all the pharmacies in Singapore since the outbreak of Zika virus here in Singapore. But what most of us did not realized is that in the battle against mosquitoes, self protection is just not enough. The root problem has to be eradication of those adult mosquitoes as well as eliminating the young larvae laid by the mosquitoes.


Channel News Asia Interview AEROHUB Pest Control

Singapore government agencies like the NEA and the Town Councils has been rolling up their sleeves to combat the mosquitoes infestation, especially in the Aljunied area where most of the reported cases are. There have been a lot of mass media reporting about this virus, to educate the masses and armed them against this vector. We are honored that Our AEROHUB Pest Control Management Consultant Terry Tan was interviewed last Friday by ChannelNewsAsia to talk about this urgent issue that all Singaporeans is facing.


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Here at AEROHUB Pest Control, we have been advocating our Pest Management Program to owners to protect their properties, families and loved ones against these dreadful mosquitoes and other general pests. But this war against mosquitoes has to be done by all Singaporeans together.

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