Most of the bedbugs commonly known as Cimex Lectularius. The typical structure of this bug is the hinged beak with the stylet that can pierce through skin and find the blood vessels inside, then suck the blood until it reaches almost 6 times of their own body. From a very flat tiny bug, it can expand their bodies to the shape of football. When they are full and satisfied with the food, they usually tend to hide to a small cervices and holes to digest the blood. This is their eating cycle.


Bedbugs generally have a long lifespan and can survive for a very long time. They can travel easily from place to place; from a hotel that you stayed in, your friend’s apartment, or dormitory. From there, they can slip and hide into your clothing, shoes, even your luggage. Once they are inside of your home, most of them will hide under your bed, tuck themselves inside and lie dormant. Until night, their hunger strike, forcing them to go out and looking for blood to suck in. This is where they can be an annoyance for the human. Their bite can cause serious itch which can lead to infection if the human scratch it and breaks the skin, the skin can be appeared as red and might cause an allergic to some people.


As their population expands and can be grow very fast, they will find another place to stay and hide, for a medium infestation, not only they live under your mattress, but on the cervices and cracks between walls in your bedroom and on a heavy infestation, they can migrate to other rooms as well. This is very dangerous. Here are the methods on how you can prevent bedbugs entering your house:

  • Firstly, you have to inspect your home thoroughly. Check your inside and under your bed, under carpet, drawers, curtains, behind the picture frames, wall clocks, and televisions, you can also check under the sofas and chairs. A very careful visual inspection is needed to detect these small creatures.
  • The next thing, is to do a thorough vacuum with a pipe attachment on the front and scrub it into any small places, cervices and cracks, and any contents inside the vacuum, you put it in a sealed plastic and throw it away from your house. Dismantle bed frame, put it outside to clean it. If you found any mattress that is heavily infested, discard it, its a waste of time trying to clean it with pesticide because it may cause harm to your health. Do a thorough cleaning and laundering for all your sheets, clothes, shoes, toys, and dolls. Extreme heat and cold can kill these pest easily.
  • One thing you should remember that, treatment can not be done with just one time only. You need several treatments done on a regular basis to completely remove them. Keep your place and home dry and clean all the time.

If you still found any bedbugs manifestation or the problem persist its a good advice if you consult it with pest control professional. Aerohub Pest Control Management has a great solutions to help you to remove bedbugs in your house and HDB and prevent them to coming back. If you need any tips, you can check out our blogs for more information!

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