Although bees is beneficial in many ways to the mother nature; they help to pollinate flowers and vegetables, but sometimes bees can also a little bit annoying, or maybe a threat especially to those who has allergy with their sting. Unlike bees, wasps is a big threat to most of us, their sting can be painful and can attack you if you near their nests. So its best to keep them not too close to our home and here are several methods to help you.

Remember this, you can actually eliminate bees and wasps on your own without having to call the pest control professional. Although there are some time when the problem still occurs or gets even worse you should ask your local pest control for a better and safer way.

The most effective way of getting rid of the bees of wasps is actually pretty simple: you just remove their nest. But, this is also the hardest way of doing it. First of all, you need to detect their nest, if you are often see bees and wasps around your house, chances are the nest was built nearby. You need to find where the nest located and typically they build their nest at the most difficult place to reach. Some of the places are: Up high hanging in the trees, in the eaves outside of your house, or deep under the ground. If you found the nest, be prepared! make sure you have a closed protective gear specifically for bees and wasps to avoid getting stung. When you knock off their nest, usually they try to attack you with sheer numbers. if you feel like you can not go any further, move away.

Another way to getting rid of the wasps and bees is to install spray water in your lawn around your house. They having difficulties living around water, you can simply spray the hot water to nest area, or put it in your lawn and have them automatically spray at a period of time. This will signal the wasps and bees that your location is not suitable for nesting and they will migrate over. This is much more safer way for both of you.

If you found all of these methods not suitable and the problem getting worse, consider to call your local pest control to consult they sure will have more advanced method and management program. They will be more than happy to help you.




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