To get to know how to get rid of mosquitoes you have to have the knowledge of their behavior, living cycle, and types of habitat. Because having mosquitoes around your house can become excessively annoying especially when they bite and can cause all kinds of diseases. If you having this mosquitoes problem around your garden or even inside your house, you might want to eliminate this pest as soon and as effective as possible. Here are the methods for you.


Mosquitoes is a real deal when it comes to annoyance and disease spread. From their bite, they can cause you an itchy discomfort and can spread some nasty viruses such as Dengue Fever, Malaria, and Zika Virus. If you found several mosquitoes roaming inside your house, it can be killed with mosquito spray that is sold every store, you can purchase the mosquito electric racket for better control, or you can try to contact pest control nearby your area for help.


The use of aerosol bomb that contains pyrethrum are effective. Be sure to keep all the doors and windows shut while you spray the room around the house and wait for five to fifteen minutes to let the spray take effect. Make sure you remove all the foods, dishes, and utensils.


Smoke, is another alternative to repel the mosquito. Incense, candles and burning sticks can help you to keep the mosquitoes away. With some fragrance it also help you to relax yourself. Another alternative to smoke, is the mosquito burning coils, these coils generates smokes that mosquitoes hate and will make them go away. To make your own smoke repellent, you can purchase some burning incense with the lavender and eucalyptus scent. This will help to repel the mosquito while relaxing your body. Killing two birds with one stone.


Secondly, another alternative, is to use garlic, in which every family and your own pets can use and free from all the chemical poisons. How to use it? Simply by consuming lots of garlic. When consumed by humans, the garlic produces oils that mosquitoes dislike and stay away from. Another way to use garlic is to sprinkle chopped garlic around the house and gardens to prevent them from entering your house.


After that you will want to keep away all the breeding places and make sure they do not return in the future, by removing and keep replacing stagnant water place, including pots, puddles, ponds, and pools.

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