We all love birds, we all do, or somewhat we tend to ignoring them when we see them flying around. But when these birds start to nesting at the top of your house and left droppings and feathers, things can get pretty annoying. Unfortunately, home and building owners, just want to get rid of these birds pest as soon as possible without considering the effect for the birds, they did not consider whether they are hurting or harming the birds in such way. Birds generally not fall into the pest category, but within a certain amount of birds in an area, they can become one of the pest control problem. That is why we still need to consider the most non-harm way to deter this problem.


The main reason why birds are considered as pest is pretty straightforward especially pigeons: They can actually spread disease which creates damages in our lives. The explanation of this main problem is that their droppings may contain bacteria and viruses that might affect our health. Some of the popular virus is Bird’s Flu. By this reason only, we need to have a good deterrent and keep them away from our home. But we have to eradicate them in a most humane and without hurting them, because actually birds are considered harmless creature and we have to think about their lives as well.


Although there are a lot of bird control deterrent and repellent products out there, the main purpose for these products mainly to just keeping them away, we do not try to shoot them or hurt them in any way possible. The products that you should look for mainly devices such as bird spikes, these spikes you can install it on top of your roof to prevent birds from hopping to your roof and probably create nest. Another bird deterrent that is effective is bird gels, spread them around where the birds usually stay and it will leaves smell that birds do not like and making them uncomfortable to nesting around. Third device is the ultrasonic repellent which generates ultrasonic sounds that only birds can hear and makes them uncomfortable and ran away.


Solving birds pest control is easy when you know what you are doing, and also without harming the birds. If you are using deterrents that will harm the birds, it will just worsen the situation and might getting some attention to the authority, keep in mind with these action when you are trying to control the birds around your house. Another way, is to call your local pest control in Singapore to help you eradicate these pests as they know the best possible and humane way to get rid the birds pest.

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