Most spiders are not harmful to humans and actually help to control other insects by eating them. Because of this, the experts often recommend that spiders be captured and set free instead being caught  or smashed and killed. While that may be the best thing to do, it is not always practical for some people — especially the many who are afraid of spiders and don’t want them anywhere around! At such, how do we keep them at bay.

Ensure doors and windows fit tightly in their frames, have no tears or holes in screening, and have sweeps installed at the bottom edge of doors.

Reduce or eliminate piles of papers, boxes, bags, and other clutter to reduce potential harborage areas.

Remove spiders that are nesting on the exterior of the home by spraying water from a high-pressure hose; sucking them into an industrial vacuum,; or brushing them off with a long-handled broom.

Indoors, spiders can be discouraged from web-building through frequent vacuuming and sweeping of corners, closets, basements and other out-of-the-way places. When vacuuming, sweeping or otherwise removing webs, be sure that all egg sacs are captured as well to prevent a new generation from being born.

A fly swatter or rolled-up newspaper can also be used to kill individual spiders. When doing so, it can be prudent to find and destroy its web to ensure against egg hatching as well.

Use Integrated Pest Management (IPM), including prevention, sanitation, and exclusion, to reduce insects. This will help reduce spiders both directly and indirectly—by reducing the “food” on which they prey.


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