We all suffer one way or another from a little something called pests. We all had to of experienced or have seen the experience somewhere of pest problems. Rodents, bed bugs, mosquitoes, termites and many more. If you plan on staying in Singapore or are already a citizen of Singapore, then you probably know or should know some of the common pests that you may find close or actually inside your home.


Rodents are extremely common in Singapore and are one of the pests that are well known to spread many unattractive diseases. Rats and mice are so small, yet can be extremely dangerous to humans. This is because of their ability to carry numerous amounts of diseases, including Hantavirus, Salmonellosis and Listeria. Twenty five percent of US house fires are believed to be caused by mice and their love for electrical wiring. These rodents can squeeze into the tiniest hole in the wall and in no time you are bound to be hit by a full infestation.


Oh, cockroaches make everybody want to scream. Not only are they common in Singapore, it is also almost everywhere else. Its filthy breeding and feeding nature cause many diseases since it can thrive in almost any environment and consume anything that is available. The bacterium that just thrives in the stomach of these pests are said to cause people urinary tract infections and digestive problems. These are only some of the issues that cockroaches cause in a household, which is why it is important to get rid of them.

Bed bugs

Bites, scratches, more bites and scratches seem to hit Singapore homes. Multiple homes in Singapore, as well as everywhere else, suffer under bed bug infestations. These bugs love to hide in the smallest crevices in our homes and under folds in our bedding. Many people in Singapore have allergies and skin problems due to these bed bug infestations, which are ever growing in Singapore. Just one female bed bug can lay between 300 and 500 eggs, and give you swollen, red skin due to the bites and itchiness of these pests.


Termites are another common bug in Singapore. These pests lead to many infrastructure failures in general as well as them eating at wooden things. A termite can sit for 24 hours and chew on wood without stopping, so it is very important to rid of these things so that your home, asthma and allergies can stay in one piece.


These annoying critters are in quite the abundance in Singapore due to the very humid and rainy climate. Most of mosquitoes are harmless to us, but mosquitoes such as the Aedes mosquito are extremely dangerous as they can cause wide spread epidemics which can be life threatening. Mosquitoes are very important to get rid off as you never know what disease might drop by your door.

These are only some of the common pests found in Singapore. They may be small, but are more dangerous than you think. There are many pest control companies in Singapore which can extensively help with these problems, such as Pest Control Singapore, Rentokil Pest Control, Aerohub Pest Control and Advanced Pest Management.

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