In 2016, there are around 700 snake cases reported from January to November, based on Agri-food and Veterinary Authority Singapore and another report from  Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (Acres) said that they received 2 calls per day on average reporting reticulated python sightings. These are the numbers and facts that you can not ignore. Although, in rare cases, you might find snakes around your house, it is best to keep alert and be prepared on how to prevent snakes to enter your house. Here are methods on how to minimize the chance.


Snake pest can get pretty messy but if you understand their true nature and behavior, they can easily be controlled. The first thing you should know is that snakes are attracted by their diet, that means they will live near the food they eat. Last time, we have covered how to eradicate rodents in your house, well, actually this two cases are related. If you found out you are having too much rats and rodents around your house, chances are snakes will get attracted to your house. So, first action is to eliminate rats and rodents that are live inside your house, if you have not read our articles, we strongly advised you to read it. This action can greatly lower the chance of snakes visiting your house.


Second step is to tidy up your places inside and outside. Places with wood piles, small holes, damp unused pipes underneath your home, plumbings, and bushy places might be a perfect place for snakes to live in. You need to keep monitor these places, cut your grass to avoid snakes from getting into your places. You also have to keep things clean around your house by picking up the trash everyday and keep your trash closely lid to repel the snakes.


If you happen to found snakes around your house perimeter, you have to keep calm. Usually, snakes would not attack unless provoked and they might go away and hide. Secondly, do not try to kill or harm the snake because its against the Singapore law and you might get penalized. Third, do not try to move them by yourself, you might getting hurt or injured in the process. Lastly, try to call the Singapore authority hotline for help, they might dispatch a team to help you getting rid of them.


The last part, is when you keep getting the snakes pest coming to your house over a period of time. You might want to consult with your local pest control professional for help. They absolutely know what they are doing and will take care the issue and will guide you to prevent from coming to your house often.

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